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19th International Kyokushin
FKOK's camp
Romorantin 2017

Afghanistan - Algeria - Antilles - Belgium - Canada - France

Haïti - Italy - Indian Ocean - Irak - Iran - Spain - South America - Switzerland

  • Shihan Bertrand Kron, Jérôme de Timmerman, Tommaso Schirinzi

  • Sensei Alexis Fréchin, Henri Jotterand, Jean Chateau, Tony Lingelser, Charley Quinol, Marcello Colizzi, Luigi Potenza, Gauthier Merckel,

  • More than 50 Yudansha !

  • Students from Afghanistan - Carribean sea - Belgium - Canada - Espagne - France - Haïti - Italy - Indian Ocean - Irak - Iran - Spain - Switzerland...

  • Almost of French schools...

  • Special courses for teachers...

  • Taiki Ken, Self defense...

  • Rank test from Nikkyu until Godan...

  • Many news...

  • No blood but Sweat (a lot) and no tears but many laughs especially during Sayonara with DJ Sensei Tony.

  • Pure Kyokushin !

General Meeting

Second international "Federal Kyokushin Organization of Karate" General Meeting with its international affiliated Branch-Chiefs. Welcome to our new head instructor Sensei Charley Quinol!


Great spirit this year during this camp which certainly grew until Sosai's Heaven.

Kihon, Kata, Syllabus, Rank test

General level was really appreciated by the federal Jury this year during the 3 hours of Kihon and Kata test

Working groups: sun, green & castle template

Balloon Stamina training: welcome in Hell - 100% of humidity and 55°C!

Tame shiwari rank test & Shiwari course

Working groups: sun, green & castle template

Fighting Time: 75 x 1 minute!

Sayonara & resting time (Censured photos!)

If the 2017's winner was Italy, the "pan" goes to France until May 2018!

Sunday morning training with special courses: Goshin Jutsu & Sanbon Kumite...


Rank diplomas to candidates who succeed, embroidered belts will follow very soon...

  • Mudansha

    • Pascal Leduc (1st - France)

    • Edouard Kron (1st - France)

  • Shodan

    • Sempai Mehdi Azizi (Switzerland)

    • Sempai Martin Delemarre (France)

    • Sempai Clément Prince (France)

    • Sempai Matthias del Rosso (France)

    • Sempai Lorenzo Brocca (Italy)

    • Sempai Thomas Reutenaeur (France)

  • Nidan

    • Sempai Jean-François Desponts (France)

    • Sempai Julien Krackenberger (France)

  • Sandan

    • Sensei Cédric Crausaz (France)

    • Sensei Ricardo Cassianno (Italy)

  • Yondan

    • Sensei Marcello Colizzi (Italy)

  • Godan

    • Shihan Tony Lingelser (France)

See you next year for 20th year from 10th until 13th May in Romorantin for the 20th anniversary!