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International Fightology Seminar
France 2018

Antillas - Canada - Congo - France - Germany - Great Britain
Indian Ocean - Japan - Morocco - Netherlands - Switzerland

  • Dr F - Takuya Futaesaku, founder of Fightology

  • Yoshitaka Matsubara Shihan

  • Hiroshi Katsui Sensei

  • Shihan Bertrand Kron

  • More than 80 students on 2 days

No blood but Sweat without tears: The kindness and availability of the instructors, the richness of the teaching of Fightology and the quality of the 9 hours of internship directed by Dr. F' Takuya Futaesaku delighted all the participants who left with only wish the possibility of reliving a such experience!

Martial Arts biomechanics workshops emphasized the need to preserve the physical and psychic integrity of practitioners in the short and long term.

Understanding the importance of breathing, the use of force of gravity, supports, plumbs, anchors and weight transfers, analysis of movements, radiology images in support, were the vectors of this internship to understand "What is KO?" and what is "Fightology", titles from books written by Dr. F', Kyokushin Yudansha & sports doctor.

DR F' - Fightology

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DR F' - Fightology

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It was with great applause that the workshop ended with Dr. F's promise to do everything possible to try to strengthen the body of the "head instructors" of the next Kyokushin federal world camp in France in May 2019.

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