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Welcome to the French Kyokushin Spring Camp open to all Martial Arts

Group courses (Kihon, Ido Geiko, Kata and Kumite)

Special Bunkai Training...
Trainings with the Federal official advisors and head instructors,
Sweating smiling trainings you will never forget




Via eMail clicking on


From 2023 Wednesday May 17th until Sunday 21th (Long Holiday Week-end in Europe).



Airports :



  • Private parking - 200 places

  • Rooms from 2 or 3 people (private shower & toilets).

  • Bedding and towels provided.

  • Free Wifi everywhere.

  • Restaurant, with Hallal, Kacher ou special allergy if request on registration form

  • Dojo & Training halls inside the center

  • Outside training place

ESTIMATED TEACHERS (forecast according to constraints)

  • Bertrand Kron Shihan (8th Dan - Technical advisor for FKOK)

  • Tommaso Schirinzi Shihan (6th Dan - Italy, Head Instructor)

  • Alexis Fréchin Shihan (5th Dan - President of FKOK, Head Instructor)

  • "DJ T" Shihan (6th Dan)

  • Carlos Ruiz Shihan (5th Dan - Spain, Head Instructor)

  • Benoît Naous Renshi (5th Dan Taikiken, 2nd Dan Kyokushin - Technical Advisor of Taikiken)

  • And surprises in the Task force (to be confirmed)...


Français          English          Español          Italiano


This provisional program is obviously subject to modifications and additional courses depending on the mood and imagination of the instructors!

For the first time this year, two specific workshops for preparations for grades (Syllabus workshops) will take place during the internship under the direction of a Sensei - These workshops will give entitlement to the participants with 5 degrees of grades (cumulative each year) of a future passage of grades from Kyu or Dan.!

  • Wednesday afternoon - Welcome

  • Wednesday evening - Meeting of Branch-Chiefs, Shihan and VIP FKOK

  • Wednesday night - General Meeting (open to everybody)

  • Thursday morning - Common course

  • Thursday afternoon - Grading from 5th Kyu to 6th Dan for registered candidates

  • Thursday afternoon - Courses with Shihan and Syllabus Kihon courses with Sensei

  • Thursday night - Tameshiwari & Stamina

  • Friday morning - Workshop classes

  • Friday afternoon - Kumite

  • Friday night - Cohesion training

  • Saturday morning - Workshop classes

  • Saturday afternoon - Workshop classes and Syllabus Kihon courses with Sensei

  • Saturday evening - Sayonara Party and diplomas (Camp and ranks)

  • Sunday morning - Workshop classes then "photos for all" session : Thank you for our that apart from this end of internship session, no video or photo is possible during the lessons without prior authorization from the technical direction of FKOK.

Simultaneous workshops are open to free choice of participants: Kihon, Ido Keiko, Kata, Bunkai, Kumite, Biomechanics, Self Defense, Fightology, Taikiken ...

Note that the camp is residential, which means that nights, meals at the center and training are inseparable, the presence in this frame is essential during all the camp.

The course is open to all without distinction of Martial Art, style, group, level, age or sex!


Sunday after lunch.


2 Dogi, 1 track-suit, training shoes. Shin pads and white finger cut fighting gloves. Personal pharmacy. Towels.


  • DEADLINE on April 15th

  • After April 15, please contact FKOK by email before sending a registration.

For organizational reasons, the course reservation is only validated upon receipt of full payment of the registration fees and the fully completed and signed slip. Given the health constraints, the cancellation of the course due to a pandemic will result in the full refund of the registration fees.

Rooms are assigned upon receipt of registrations, depending on availability.

Incomplete rooms are completed as and when registrations are made.

no registration will be withdrawn by registered mail

  • Minors must attach parental authorization on a standard model to their registration.

  • Minors under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

  • Minors under 13 must be accompanied by a direct parent.


For rank test, the FKOK passport valid for 8 years, with photo pasted and license for the current season validated, must be submitted to the Jury manager before the start of the exam.

  • Brown & Black belts - 2nd Kyu until Rokudan


  1. With camp registration, return the registration form fully completed at least 1 month before the test (respect this deadline for registration reasons and to allow us to order the boards necessary for the passage of grades of high grades).

  2. Send by eMail a photo ID to the standards specified on the form.

  3. Send by mail to FKOK:

    1. The amount of the examination and registration fees in two separate payments.

    2. The printed registration form

  • Coloured belts - 5th Kyu until 3rd Kyu

Kyu test until 3rd Kyu during World camp is free of fees.

All successful registered candidate will receive his official diploma.

Kyu test will be included in the high rank test or will be occur with a separate high rank jury if the number of candidates is too high for the smooth running of the exam.


  1. After camp registration, return by eMail the Rank test registration form fully completed at least 1 month before the test (respect this deadline for registration reasons & to allow us to prepare rank test and diplomas).

  2. Send by eMail a photo ID to the standards specified on the form.


For students needing visa, thank you to understand for laws reasons, we can send official invitation for Visa only if we follow bylaws and administrative rules as below.

  • To participate in a federal seminar or camp, the invitation must be requested from FKOK, sufficiently in advance according to the rules of the invited country. Please ask your form to FKOK after registration.

  • Invitation cannot be issued for unjustified accompanying persons.

  • Send registration form AND payment to FKOK (no reimbursment possible)

Then you will receive by eMail a detailed information form to send back to FKOK.

Then you will receive an official letter of invitation.

Please follow this following procedure - no other way possible!


Important - For insurance reasons and agreemnt with CDFAS, FKOK will provide (without cost for participant) a ntaional karate Federation Stamp, stamp which will be domiciled in France at the technical director's house of FKOK .


Fees includes courses, accommodation and meals.

Fees for accompanist are "not Federal member".

Thank you to be there before 8 am on Thursday to confirm your presence at the camp.

Insurance for cancelation

Payment send to our organisation means that you read and accept this conditions. 

Registrations are nominatives (no possibility of substitutes).

The insurance must be subscribed and paid no later than 31 days before the start of the camp.

Reimbursement can be possible only for people who got individual insurance (25 € added and paid with the full registration fees at least one month before the camp)

  • It will not be possible to reimburse people without insurance including if it's for important reasons.

  • It will not be possible to reimburse people with insurance without written official proof of the cancel reason (medical or professional certificate…).

    • NB - visa refusals are not covered by this insurance

  • Full refund for cancellation due to FKOK, CDFAS center or French government!

  • Reimbursement more than 30 days before the first day of the camp - 100 %

  • Reimbursement less than 30 days before the first day of the camp - 75 %

  • Reimbursement less than 15 days before the first day of the camp - 50 %

  • Reimbursement less than 8 days before the first day of the camp - 0 % 

Eventual lawsuits will be received in Dreux court only.


Arrival Wednesday evening or Thursday morning but price is unfortunately identical ...

SPECIAL OFFER - 30 € decrease for registration fees received before March 30th

FKOK Federal member

Not FKOK Federal member


NORMAL RATE (registrations received from March 30th and after)

FKOK Federal member

Not FKOK Federal member

Registration must be paid by bank check (France) swift or Paypal at least 2 weeks before the camp
(after this date, no possibility of reimbursement for cancellation)

If you pay by PayPal, thank you to add 4% of PayPal taxes.)

  • Click on for contact us

  1. Check your eMail address on the contact form

  2. Explain payment for "French spring camp" concerning (names and Country)

  3. Click on the Paypal Logo  to pay us: our eMail address for payment is:

 fkok.kron 'at' (change 'at' by @ !)

IMPORTANT - limited number of places - Mandatory previous registration