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25th International Kyokushin FKOK's camp
Olympic Center - CDFAS - Eaubonne 2021

Head instructors

  • Shihan - Bertrand Kron, Alexis Fréchin, "DJ T'"

  • Special guest Instructors - Benoit Naous Renshi Taikiken, Cédric Crausaz Sensei

The camp

  • Yudansha from Sho-Dan Shotokan until Hachi-Dan Kyokushin !

  • Kyokushin Kihon, Kata, Bunkai, Kumite, Taikiken, Self defence workshops...

  • Rank examination until Go-dan...

  • Unforgettable rank diplomas ceremony.

  • Pure Kyokushin trainings with Shotokan and Taikiken friends!

  • ... And many surprises...

Video online on FKOK Youtube Channel


Welcome gift

For this exceptional 25th anniversary of the FKOK Kyokushin Camp and after these two sad years of complicated confinement to live, the Kyokushin Federation was pleased to offer each participant an embroidered Kyokushin towel in memory, with a special Parker pen 'souvenir' for camp instructors and Branch-Chiefs present at the meeting.

International Seminar

Congratulations to all participants for their excitement throughout the course with a special mention for women.

Programme et certificat de participation
Bunkai, Kata, Kumite, Ido Keiko, Kihon, Goshin Jutsu or Taikiken was trained in various workshops inside the fantastic Dojo of  Olympic centre of  CDFAS!


Many pleasure and brain storming during workshops of Taikiken with our special guest Head instructor Benoît Naous Renshi.



International Rank test

4 hours of Kihon and Kata test.

High spirit during Stamina, Shiwari and Kumite test behind international Federal jury.

Photos CDFAS Othman Knobloch

Shiwari test


Rank test results were given during Saturday night ceremony with diplomas to new rank students.

Delivery to Jean Chateau of his Go-dan belt, rank obtained in 2020 but pending the resumption of post-Covid activities.

After a proposal of high ranks members, the technical committee and the federal board decided to rank Bertrand Kron Shihan with a Hachi-Dan.

  • Shodan

    • Emmanuel Robert Sempai

    • Nicolas Coulon Sempai

    • Lise Maurin Sempai

    • Pierre Bel Sempai

    • Christopher Delporte Sempai

  • Godan

    •  Jean Chateau Shihan


    •  Bertrand Kron Shihan

See you for 26th year... From May 25th until 29th 2022 in CDFAS Eaubonne ?